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  • Over 35 years experience
    At John Hooge & Associates, we offer general legal services for the Lawrence, Kansas area. We also offer financial solutions designed for people who are thinking of bankruptcy. We talk with clients who are considering bankruptcy and help them determine their best course of action.
  • At John Hooge & Associates in Lawrence, Kansas, we provide reasonably priced legal services for people considering bankruptcy...

Foreclosure Attorney and Help with Bankruptcy in Lawrence, KS

John R. Hooge, Attorneys at Law, PA is a debt relief agency in Lawrence, KS that provides reasonably priced legal services while helping our clients regain financial peace in a compassionate and caring manner.

Growing debt, overdue bills, calls from creditors and the fear of losing your home or business to foreclosure can leave you feeling helpless. Often, we can help you before small issues become big problems.

Brankruptcy and Foreclosure Attorney in Lawrence, KSIf you are facing foreclosure and considering bankruptcy, our attorneys can assess your situation and determine if bankruptcy is the best choice for you. If it is, we’ll help you file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy and support you throughout the process.

John Hooge is also an advocate for fair consumer debt issues, helps you navigate legal issues for your family or business when you can’t pay your bills. We also provide a full range of services to help our clients with budget and credit counseling.

Read what one of our clients facing foreclosure wrote…

“Just when I thought all was lost, Attorney Hooge and his staff saved the day! They stopped the foreclosure and helped me to retain my house, car and escape from thousands of dollars’ worth of credit card debt. They are phenomenal and I can’t thank them enough. I give them my highest recommendation and encourage everyone with these kinds of problems to go and talk with them.”

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